Dorota is a Genious Paint, Wallpaper, and Color Coordinator

Digital ImageI wish this photo showed more of the whole room. The client was ecstatic with how well the gal I sent them to coordinated their wall paint, molding paint, and wallpaper. In fact, the couple had originally chosen a different wallpaper, but ended up buying this one which Dorota suggested, and they are happier because this pattern will grow with their son better than their previous more juvenile choice.

In addition, the room for their little girl was perfectly coordinated with pink walls and a smokey blue grey color on the trim.

I love sending clients to this gal. She is always so on-target, for finding just the right wallpaper pattern, or coordinating paint colors. She is Dorota Hartwig, of Southwestern Paint on Bissonnet just west of Kirby in Houston, (713) 520-6262,

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