Reaching a Stairway Art Niche

Digital ImageThis isn’t as dangerous as it looks… the niche is quite deep, and there’s plenty of room for my ladder. And it’s pretty easy access from the stairway, too, so no real fears of falling.

This is going in the new home of a young family in a new development in west Houston called Aliana. The couple wasn’t even considering wallpapering the niches, but when I saw the empty spaces, I pulled out my samples and showed them how cool they would look.

They chose a silver metallic cork material. Very classy and just a little flashy. Now they are more excited about the niches than the other rooms they’re having papered!

Digital ImageHere’s how it turned out.  The clients loved it.  Now they are looking for something to put in the niche – something 3-dimensional, perhaps architectural, or a sculpture.

The pattern is Thibaut 839-T-7047

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