Classic Wallpaper Pattern in a Dining Room Today

Digital ImageDigital ImageDigital ImageHere’s an updated take on a traditional pattern that I hung in a dining room in the new development “Aliana” in far west Houston today. I call it “updated” because the weathered looking background adds a new twist to a traditional damask pattern.

Like most new construction in the ‘burbs today, this home had rounded outside corners (bull-nosed edges) and arches with the same bull-nosed treatment. These are much more difficult to trim around than standard straight 90* edges. This room had the one you see in the photo, plus a much wider arch leading into the entryway. I spent a lot of time – a couple hours – trimming around the rounded corners and the arches with rounded corners.

I think they turned out pretty darned well!

The homeowner plans to paint the bottom of the wall in a darkish grey paint, and will use brush strokes to mimic wood, which will make the bottom look like it’s made of fancy wood paneling (my suggestion!).

This wallpaper is EcoChic #DV40210, and comes in other colors

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