Map Mural Install Today

Digital ImageDigital ImageDigital ImageDigital ImageDigital ImageI hung this same West Indies map last year! This install was interesting because, instead of going wall-to-wall and ceiling-to-floor, the map was centered between a window and another wall, hugging the ceiling line. This way, it lined up with the bed, and the bottom of the map fell right about at the height of the headboard.

Like last time, the map gave a little trouble keeping it straight. I started at the center, hanging against a plumb line. But since the crown molding was not perfectly level, the top of the map started to go crooked, and would have had to be cut off. The top of the map is a narrow border, and was important to the design, so could not be cut off.

So I used some wallpaper hanging tricks to fool the eye. What I did was to cut off the border, let the crown molding encroach down a little, and then I pasted the border back on top of the map, keeping it even with the bottom of the crown molding. The eye doesn’t notice that some of the top of the map is hidden, but it does notice that the border along the top is intact and nice and straight.

That solved the problem of the unlevel crown molding, but I had stretching and twisting issues, too. Even though I started in the center and worked outward toward the sides, and there were only three panels on each side, the paper got a little off-plumb on the right side. Since it was not running right into the window on the right, that meant that there would be a distance of 14.5″ from the map to the window at the top and 14″ at the bottom. The eye would notice that. So I had to figure a way to get rid of that extra half inch.

What I did you see in the bottom two photos. This was an easy fix, since the map had vertical lines as part of the pattern. I moved the right edge of the map so it was straight and equidistant from the window. This created a wrinkle in one of the panels, larger at the bottom and tapering to nothing at the top.

So I simply cut a slit along one of the lines, and let the pieces overlap, eliminating the wrinkle and keeping the right edge straight and plumb.

This map was purchased through Pottery Barn.

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4 Responses to “Map Mural Install Today”

  1. Debra Skowron Says:

    I put this map on my condo wall, well now I’m moving and want it in my next place. Can this be removed and reused? I cannot remember the directives. This map is no longer available at Pottery Barn, any ideas?

    • thewallpaperlady Says:

      Hi Debra. Thanks for visiting my blog. If the map was printed on a non-woven substrate, then, technically, it could be removed. This material is designed to be pulled off the wall in one intact piece. However, in my experience, often it behaves like regular wallpaper, which means that the surface inked layer separates from the non-woven backing, and you end up with a top layer that is too thin to be useable, or, more likely, shreds.

      The other thing is, if it is on regular paper, you will probably not be able to get it off in one piece. I don’t remember this map being non-woven, but rather regular paper.

      But wall maps are very popular. Pottery Barn may have sold the map, but it didn’t manufacturer it. Do some Googling and you should be able to find it, or something similar. You could contact my gal (look on my blog on the Pages on the right, under “Where to Buy Wallpaper”) and see what she can find for you.

  2. Vanessa Coats Says:

    i have this same mural, and now i’d like to put it up, but i lost the instructions. i remember it seemed harder than i expected. can you tell me how to do it?

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