Nice Faux Texture Collection by Phillip Jeffries

Grasscloth and other textured wallcoverings are really hot right now. Phillip Jeffries is a big-name designer who offers many fine wallpapers.

But with all the problems lately with grasscloth staining, shading, paneling, and blotching, (do a Search on my blog) I have been steering many customers toward the fake products.

Today, at Southwestern Paint / Benjamin Moore on Bissonnet near Kirby, Dorota, the wallpaper mogul, showed me the line of Phillip Jeffries faux textures.

My, oh my, they sure were nice! VERY realistic, both in color and texture. And there was a lot more than just fake grasscloth – he shows faux leather, gravel, linen, cork, and much more.

Because these are manufactured products, instead of natural, there is much more consistency in color and texture, the problems mentioned above are virtually eliminated. In addition, the seams will be less visible, too, than on a natural fiber.

If you’re someone who would be put off by uneven coloring in a grasscloth or other similar wallcovering, I highly recommend that you take a look at this line of faux.

The line is called “Natural Illusions,” and is a vinyl product. Take a look:

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