Typical Texture in a New Home in Houston

Digital ImageDigital ImageNot all parts of the country have texture on their walls, but here in Houston, we sure do. These photos show a pretty typical texture found on walls in newer homes in our area.

This style is called “orange peel,” but it’s much heavier than what was being used a few years ago. I don’t care for this style much, but it’s MUCH better than the old “popcorn” stuff that was popular in the ’70’s.

And, yes, the texture has to be smoothed out before wallpaper can go up. For one thing, the bumps will show under the paper, and it looks horrible. For another, you want the wallpaper to have a flat surface to grab on to. If texture is left on the wall, the paper can only stick to the tops of the bumps, and won’t have maximum potential for adhering.

Liner paper won’t disguise this sort of texture. Besides, it takes as much time to line a room as it does to skim float it. That’s my preferred method – skim floating with a layer of joint compound (sort of like plaster), then sanding smooth and then priming.

VoilĂ  – a perfectly smooth surface for the new wallpaper!

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