Faux Grasscloth Goes Up Flawlessly

Digital ImageI love it when clients listen to me!

Whenever I have a client who expresses interest in grasscloth, I make sure to mention the paneling / shading potential in these natural materials, and show photographs. (Do a Search on my blog.)

And I listen for clues in their conversation or home… If the house is extremely tidy, or if they say things like, “I’m pretty particular,” or, “I’m an engineer,” then I know this household is not likely to accept the irregularities inherent in grasscloth. So that’s when I suggest a faux product.

After listening to my schpiel about uneven coloring in grasscloth, the young man I worked for yesterday (yes, an engineer!) acknoweledged that he would be unhappy with that look. So he took my advice and bought a faux grass product.

This is the same Thibaut pattern I hung earlier this summer, but in a different color. It goes up nicely, the color is uniform, and you never see a seam. In addition, it’s a heavy vinyl on a woven fabric backing, which is water resistant and practically indestructible.

Once the accent wall was finished, the man came in and kept saying over and over again how well it turned out, how much he loved it, and how glad he was that he chose the man-made vinyl faux over the natural material.

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