Paris Map Wall Mural – 7’x5′ One-Piece Mural

Digital ImageDigital ImageDigital ImageThis mural was little tricky to hang, for several reasons. First of all, the homeowner wanted it to “float” in the middle of the wall, not abut any wall or ceiling. Second, while most murals come in panels or strips of standard size, this one came in one huge piece.

The wall was textured, so what you see in the 2nd photo is where I have carefully measured the size of the mural (not the paper it’s printed on, as the white border had to be trimmed off), plotted where it would hang in the center of the wall, and then skim floated just that area, to smooth the wall. Most wallpapers stretch when they get wet with paste, so I allowed for that, and left about a half inch around the outer edges unsmoothed, to ensure there would be no white showing beyond the mural’s edges.

I’m not very tall, so I was a little worried about managing the 7′ wide piece, but it ended up being fairly easy. There was some twisting and stretching, which would have been less if the mural had been in traditional sized strips or panels.

The homeowner is toying with the idea of having an artist paint a frame around the mural. This is the bedroom of a teen aged girl – who loves Paris! Besides the tufted headboard, there is a pair of mirrored bedside chests that will flank the bed. Pretty classy for a high school kid!

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