Un-Smooth Move of the Day

Digital ImageDigital ImageDigital ImageHow dumb is this?! The manufacturer of this expensive metallic finish grasscloth uses CELOPHANE TAPE to secure the rolls and the labels. HELLOooOOOoo!! Clear tape PULLS THE SURFACE OFF THE WALLPAPER!

In Photo 1, you can see the glint of the tape. It’s hard to see in Photo 2, but when the tape came off, it took some of the color off the wallpaper. And it’s not just at the top of the roll, either. Because the roll is thick, the tape wraps around to damage about 6″ of paper.

With this grasscloth, I was pleased to see that Thibaut used little cardboard covers to protect the ends of the rolls. But, geeze – get some REMOVEABLE tape to hold the rolls together and the labels on. Ya know, like blue painter’s tape, Post It Notes adhesive, that sort of thing.

Even better, DON’T USE TAPE AT ALL … Use some of the paper wraps that have stick to themselves, and they’ll hold everything together nicely, with NO damage to the paper at all.

This dull finish slightly metallic burnished gold grasscloth is by Thibaut, #839-T-3696

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