Can You Spot the Pattern Mis-Match?

Digital ImageSee the seam? (Color differences are due to the paper not being dry yet.) What you don’t see is the mis-matched pattern.

This paper is 20.5″ wide, and the strip over the door would have extended a few inches to the right of the door. That meant that I would have to use a full 8′ of paper to cover those few inches to the right of the door, and lose most of the strip where it hung over the door.

If I could make the strip less than the width of the door frame, I could save a whole lot of paper. But if I cut a few inches off the right side of the wallpaper, it would no longer match the left side of the next strip.

So, what I did was – invent my own pattern match.

I found about the width that I wanted the paper to be over the door, and then looked along the left side of a fresh roll of wallpaper, until I found a part of the design that pretty well lined up with the design on the short strip. Once the two strips were up on the wall, it was a small matter of taking a pencil and drawing vines, stems, and leaves that connected the pattern on both strips.

Voilà! Saved a whole lot of paper, and no one is the wiser.

This trick worked because of the loose nature of the floral pattern. If it had been a more structured pattern, such as where you have to see the same diamond, for instance, at the top of each strip, it probably would not have worked. But in this case, since the eye can’t really tell one flower from another, it was the perfect opportunity to do a little fiddling, save 8′ of paper, and save me work, too.

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