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Flaw of the Day – More Smeary Ink

September 6, 2013

Digital ImageJust last week, I had this same problem with ink getting wet and smearing on the surface of the wallpaper. It’s the same manufacturer and book …. York Wallcoverings’ Sure Strip line.

These papers are printed on a non-woven stock, which makes them (supposedly) easier to remove, because the whole strip is (supposed) to pull off the wall in one piece, instead of little bits.

It’s also eco-friendly, having no VOC’s and using water-based inks.

Eco-friendly is well and good, but I think that York ought to put some more research and development into its ink. As long as the ink was wet, I was able to wipe it off the surface of the paper. But, still, a pain.

Flaw of the Day – Bashed Edges

September 5, 2013

Digital ImageDigital ImageSo I spent all yesterday and half of today smoothing textured walls in a master bathroom in the Heights. Primed the walls, then lugged in my table, 40-pound bucket of paste, tools, etc., then opened the rolls of paper to find this – banged edges. Come on, Brewster, just put a little bubble wrap in the bottom of the box before throwing it on the truck and into the hands of hasty and clumsy delivery guys.

This paper is thick and spongy, one of the new “non-woven” backings manufacturers are rushing to use these days. With a thinner paper product, minor bangs will often dry flat. But with this N-W material, the dents are here to stay. The paper also creases easily during handling.

Because it’s a shimmery finish on a relatively plain pattern, these imperfections will really show. I didn’t want to put it up, and the client agreed.

I feel confident that reordering the same thing will result in more banged edges and unusable paper, so I recommended that she choose something entirely different, preferably not one of those danged non-woven papers.

This wallpaper was from HGTV’s line, available at Sherwin Williams stores. The actual paper was by designer Kenneth James and manufactured by Brewster. Pattern # F66547.

A Fly in the Ointment

September 4, 2013

Digital ImageNot exactly a fly, probably… looks more like a mosquito to me – a mosquito full of some poor factory worker’s blood!

They must make wallpaper in unair-conditioned buildings, because it’s not all that uncommon to discover a bug that got caught in the paper during the manufacturing process.

Usually, they’re not a big deal. In this case, I did cut around the little guy, because the paper is white, and blood can stain paper, and I didn’t want to chance the red coming through to the surface.

Wallpaper Manufacturers Get Environmentally Friendly

September 3, 2013

Digital ImageDigital ImageIt seems that everyone is on the “green” bandwagon these days, and wallpaper manufacturers are jumping in, too, to please their market.

Note that this brand contains no vinyl or PVC, uses water-based inks, and is designed to decompose or be recycled. In addition, it’s made to be easy to remove, which eliminates the need for chemicals.