Bye-Bye Drab – Hello Bright and Cheerful

Digital ImageDigital ImageDigital ImageDigital ImageDigital ImageDigital ImageThe previous homeowners envisioned their house to be something of a ranch in West Texas. They had chili peppers and armadillos and other western motifs painted on their walls, which were the color of Texas dust. It was a good look, and nicely done, but not what my clients wanted.

The wife is something of a Hollywood Glam girl, and, with this lively and bright wallpaper pattern and her crystal chandelier and accompanying mirrored accessories, she certainly got the look!

In the photo of the armadillo, he is being covered up with joint compound, which I am using to smooth out the textured wall. The second-to-last photo shows the last corner (a.k.a “kill point”), which is almost always a mis-match. I think I disguised the unmatched corner pretty well!

This wallpaper is a Kenneth James design for Brewster Wallcoverings, pattern #FD 66536.

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