My New Toy – the $100 Magnesium Straight Edge

Digital ImageDigital ImageHere is my new straight edge (leaning up against the grasscloth I hung today in a home in Rice Military).

Many metals, like aluminum, will scratch or mar wallpaper; magnesium will not. The width of this tool prevents warping, the weight prevents it from slipping while you’re cutting, and the thickness provides a sturdy brace for your razor blade. This straight edge is used as a guide when trimming the selvedge edge off certain wallpapers – usually the higher end papers.

An interior designer’s client thought her price for wallpaper and my labor were too high, so he’s going to find them on his own. Hmmm. I wonder if the guy he digs out of the Greensheet has invested in a $100 straight edge, or has a van loaded with other specialty tools and pastes, used specifically to hang wallpaper with precision.

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