Wallpaper Spliced by Manufacturer – Unuseable!

Digital ImageDigital ImageDigital ImageBolts of wallpaper are supposed to contain a certain number of yards. Well, what happens if the paper runs out before the bolt is full? Many manufacturers do this – they splice in another piece. Then they stick another piece of paper on the back, to hold it all together.

This is unacceptable! The paper “bandage” on the back is thick, and creates a noticeable bump under the paper. And you can see how damaged the front is, from wrinkles and creases.

Often, they’ll throw in an extra yard or two of paper, to make up for the unusable paper. This time, they didn’t bother.

This pattern is “Woods,” by the British manufacturer Cole & Son.

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One Response to “Wallpaper Spliced by Manufacturer – Unuseable!”

  1. David Says:

    Jeez, what jerks! And such a pretty pattern too.

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