Wallpaepring a Refrigerator Alcove

Digital ImageDigital ImageDigital ImageI hung wallpaper in this breakfast room / kitchen in a 1930 home in the River Oaks neighborhood of Houston two years ago. The wallpaper and interior design work came from Venetian Blind & Floor, near the Rice Village shopping district, a very good place to buy carpeting, wooden flooring, tile, countertops, drapes, and other decorating needs.

Their huge built-in refrigerator died recently, and was replaced with a really tiny one. Since the small refrigerator doesn’t fill the alcove, all the unwallpapered space inside the alcove shows.

So, with the less-than-one-double-roll-bolt of left over paper, I measured, split, spliced, plotted, and pasted, and managed to get paper on the side walls and on the 8″ on either side of the back wall that the new refrigerator didn’t cover.

I wouldn’t normally put wallpaper on the top of the alcove, but since that area was not painted, and since the original wallpaper recessed a little into that area, there pretty much was no option but to put wallpaper there, too.

I matched the stripes on the ceiling to the stripes on the two side walls. The stripes on the back wall could be matched in one corner (not shown), but in the second corner (shown in the last photo), there had to be a mis-match. A corner is a good place to put a mis-match, especially with a stripe, as it won’t be noticed much.

Also, since we were running out of wallpaper, there is a mis-match on the back wall, near the right corner (shown in photo). I think I disguised it pretty well. Can you find it?

Note: The wallpaper doesn’t go all the way to the floor because the refrigerator will hide that part – and because we simply didn’t have enough paper! The blue tape is holding up white corner molding that we glued to the outside corners of the alcove. It will be removed once the adhesive is dried.

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