Finding Just What You Want at an “In Stock” Store – NOT!

I got a call from a gal today, asking if I knew any places that had in-stock wallpaper, where she could shop and take wallpaper home the same day. I was about to tell her the (very) few places I know that still have wallpaper in stock, but first asked what she was looking for.

She said she knew exactly what she wanted, but wanted to get it ASAP, and thought that a store that had paper in stock would be sure bet. She didn’t want to have to order from a book and wait for the paper to be shipped.

I tactfully explained that she would have a MUCH better chance of getting what she wanted if she went to a store that has selection books and that special-orders paper.

The thing she didn’t realize is, there are tens of thousands of wallpaper patterns on the market, and a retail store is only going to carry a hundred or two. If you just want a pretty pattern, you might find something to suit you. But the chances of a retail store stocking a specific pattern you have your heart set on is pretty slim-to-none.

I think I saved this gal a long drive to stores that would disappoint her, and I hope I steered her to a store that could help her – I would suggest the Sherwin-Williams stores (every neighborhood has one) or, my favorite place, Dorota Hartwig at Southwestern Paint on Bissonnet at Wakeforest just west of Kirby, who knows what’s in all the books and can zero in on just what you want. Always make an appointment before heading over. (713) 520-6262

Yes, it may take a few weeks for your wallpaper to arrive, but you will have a much, much broader selection, and you will find exactly the perfect pattern for your room.

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