Making It Work When There’s Little Paper Left

Digital ImageDigital ImageDigital ImageThe client loved this wallpaper, which had been used in their previous home. She had only a little left – a partial roll 20.5″ wide and less than 14′ long. She asked if I could use it to paper this arched wall behind the garden tub in the master bathroom. I was up to the challenge!

I spent at least an hour and a half measuring, figuring, plotting, and positioning, and – yes indeedy – got the space covered with wallpaper.

I railroaded (ran horizontally) the strip above the widow, centering a “sun” on the pattern at the peak of the arch. A curtain will cover the area directly above the window.

The sides were about 15″ wide, so here I ran strips vertically. This is a LOT harder than it sounds, since I wanted to have a design element land at the point where the vertical strip intersected the horizontal strip, to disguise the mis-match.

Compounding the math and the positioning are factors such as the inward curve of the wall, which made it hard to predict where a particular part of the design would fall, and the 2 1/4″ return (inner surface) of the window, which also ate up part of the design.

I made sure I measured everything multiple times, and held it up to the wall before cutting, and I was more concerned with covering the wall space than centering the pattern on the two side walls.

Since the wallpaper was 20.5″ wide, and I only needed 15″ width for the side walls, I had a long narrow strip left over, which I cut into two 2 1/4″ wide strips and pasted into the upper return of the window ( below where the curtain will go).

In the end, every surface was covered, and the client will be very pleased to have her private bathtub surrounded by this cherished pattern.

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