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Feathers Behind the Headboard

November 10, 2013

Digital ImageDigital ImageThere are so many innovate designs coming out in wallpaper these days. Here’s an unusual pattern, used as an accent wall behind a bed.

Feathers in the Closet

November 10, 2013

Digital ImageDigital ImageA few weeks ago, I put this same wallpaper in the client’s guest bedroom. When she saw that there was left-over paper, she started looking for some place to put it.

So today I hung the little bit that was left, in the bedroom closet, just on one full-length wall, and then around the top of the shelf.

She loved it. The door to this closet is often left open, so the wall and wallpaper are visible. It’s a wonderful way to add personality and depth to what she called a “blah” space.

My New Toy – the $100 Magnesium Straight Edge

November 9, 2013

Digital ImageDigital ImageHere is my new straight edge (leaning up against the grasscloth I hung today in a home in Rice Military).

Many metals, like aluminum, will scratch or mar wallpaper; magnesium will not. The width of this tool prevents warping, the weight prevents it from slipping while you’re cutting, and the thickness provides a sturdy brace for your razor blade. This straight edge is used as a guide when trimming the selvedge edge off certain wallpapers – usually the higher end papers.

An interior designer’s client thought her price for wallpaper and my labor were too high, so he’s going to find them on his own. Hmmm. I wonder if the guy he digs out of the Greensheet has invested in a $100 straight edge, or has a van loaded with other specialty tools and pastes, used specifically to hang wallpaper with precision.

Unclever Fixture Design

November 8, 2013

Digital ImageDigital ImageThis fancy hand towel holder was permanently affixed to the wall, which made for a tedious job cutting around it without tearing the wallpaper.

You have to make what we call “relief cuts,” and ease your was around the thing, until you can get close enough to trim accurately, all the while making sure that nothing tears or warps.

This pattern is by Designer Wallpaper, # EH 60305, and went in a hall bathroom in West University Place

Dont Hang Wallpaper Over Textured Walls – Here’s Proof That It Looks Horrible

November 7, 2013

Digital ImageDigital ImageThe previous installer did not bother to smooth the walls before hanging the wallpaper. The texture shows under the paper, and it looks horrible.

In addition, the bumps prevent the paper from sitting securely on the wall, so some of the seams are popping open (2nd photo).

Generally, textured walls cannot simply be scraped smooth. They must be scraped and then “skim floated” with joint compound, then sanded, wiped free of dust, and then primed.

This give an absolutely smooth surface for the paper to hold on to, and that looks much better, too.

Disguising Mismatch When Combining Horizontal and Vertical Strips

November 6, 2013

Digital ImageHere’s a cheerful pattern to help you wake up while you’re brushing your teeth in the morning!

Usually, wallpaper is hung in vertical strips. But the strip over the door continued to the left and wrapped above and around the shower. Humidity can penetrate seams and cause wallpaper to curl or peel, so I wanted to eliminate seams if I could; running the paper horizontally would allow just that, by using one continuous strip, instead of several. But if the paper is hung horizontally, the pattern is gong to be running sideways.

I was lucky with this pattern, because you can’t tell if the design is upside down or sideways or right side up. Still, the pattern on a horizontal piece isn’t gong to match the vertical piece it’s placed next to.

I plotted and experimented, did some trimming, and found a spot in the design that would pretty well match up with the strip on the wall on the right. No one can detect a mis-match.

And, best of all, there are no seams on the three walls over the shower, so little worry about peeling if the teenagers who use this bathroom steam up the room.

This wallpaper pattern is by Thibaut Designs, #T-16017

Color Difference on Background

November 5, 2013

Digital ImageDigital Image Digital ImageFor this job, I had four double rolls of wallpaper, all the same run number. But two short pieces under the window were darker than the others.

Look closely (you may need to enlarge the photos) and you’ll see that the background changes color smack in the middle of the strip.

There is some poor Quality Control “not” going on at the factory. If two strips with slightly different colored backgrounds go up next to each other, the difference is very noticeable.

This wallpaper pattern is called “Woods” and is by the British manufacturer Cole & Son. #69-12147. C&S is not a cheap paper, and I certainly expect better from this company.

David Hicks’ Hexagon

November 4, 2013

Digital ImageDigital ImageDigital ImageMy client loves this pattern, and originally wanted to use it in her entry way. But they realized it would be too overwhelming on all four walls.

Instead, she had me put it on one wall at the far end of a hallway. Here, it adds a lot of pizzazz, without overpowering the space. Wallpapering just one wall is a lot cheaper, too.

They’ll probably hang a piece of art on the wall eventually, but for now, the wife just wants to enjly the wall of bold pattern.

This design is by David Hicks, for Cole & Son, and is quite popular right now. Pattern # 66/8056

Bye-Bye Drab – Hello Bright and Cheerful

November 3, 2013

Digital ImageDigital ImageDigital ImageDigital ImageDigital ImageDigital ImageThe previous homeowners envisioned their house to be something of a ranch in West Texas. They had chili peppers and armadillos and other western motifs painted on their walls, which were the color of Texas dust. It was a good look, and nicely done, but not what my clients wanted.

The wife is something of a Hollywood Glam girl, and, with this lively and bright wallpaper pattern and her crystal chandelier and accompanying mirrored accessories, she certainly got the look!

In the photo of the armadillo, he is being covered up with joint compound, which I am using to smooth out the textured wall. The second-to-last photo shows the last corner (a.k.a “kill point”), which is almost always a mis-match. I think I disguised the unmatched corner pretty well!

This wallpaper is a Kenneth James design for Brewster Wallcoverings, pattern #FD 66536.

Spoiled Primer ??

November 2, 2013

Digital ImageThis can of primer had been sitting upside down in my truck for three weeks. It has thick white settlement on the lid, and the liquid looks like it is separating.

I had Sherwin-Williams shake it again, but when I got to the job site and opened it up, it still looks bad. My guess is that it possibly got frozen, or maybe it’s spoiled. Either way, I won’t use something like this under a client’s wallpaper.

So tomorrow, it’s back to S-W we go, for a fresh can. (And hopefully a refund!)