Traversing One of Houston’s Uncanny Ditches

Digital ImageDigital ImageThis morning, I was able to park directly in front of the client’s front door. The bad news is that there is one of Houston’s infamous ditches in the street. Yes, in this day and age, Houston, now the third largest city in the nation, has many, many streets, and even entire neighborhoods, that do not have curbs and gutters, but deep ditches to collect rain water.

It’s hard to tell from these photos, but this ditch is at least 3′ deep, and very steep on either side, plus it’s full of lush St. Augustine grass, which is slippery and sink-into-y. There was water in the culvert a few feet away, but luckily no water in the ditch. However, tomorrow it’s predicted to rain, and then there WILL be water in the ditch.

I made many trips up and down those steep slippery sloped sides of the ditch. I could have gone around and stayed on pavement, but it was much farther that way, so it was a toss-up between inconvenience or inconvenience. I opted for inconvenience.

The other thing is, the parking strip was very narrow, so there was not adequate space for me to put my feet beside my van, and it was even worse while trying to find equipment and pull things out of the vehicle. I did a lot of sliding into that danged ditzy ditch!

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