Pattern Match is Off

Digital ImageDigital ImageLook closely – VERY closely (or perhaps, a quick look will show it better), and you will see that every seam is noticeable. It took me a long time to figure out what was wrong.

I knew I had matched the pattern correctly. The medallion is at the top of the wall on every strip, as it should be. What I finally figured out is that the background design, the mottled mini-print, did not correspond with the medallion. If I matched the mottly print, then the medallions would not line up properly at the top of the wall. And when I put the medallions at the top of the wall, then the background design did not match. The background had been printed out of sync with the main design element.

Maybe the manufacturer thought the mottled background was indistinct enough that it didn’t need to be matched. I beg to differ – I think it’s quite noticeable. However, the homeowners didn’t notice a thing, and totally loved the wallpaper in their new dining room.

The brand is Designer Wallpaer, by Seabrook, Pattern # JV 80107.

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