Wallpapering a Pair of Doors

Digital Image

Digital Image

Digital Image

Digital ImageThe homeowner loved this gold stag on craft paper pattern, but only had one double roll – not enough to do an accent wall in her on-it’s-way baby’s nursery.

After tossing around a lot of ideas, we both hit on this winner – I papered the doors in the room! The doors were flat, and only needed a primer. The paper has a coppery-gold motif on a craft paper type backing, but the material is more durable than regular craft paper. That’s good, because doors get handled a lot.

Often, the sides of the door are wrapped with the wallpaper, but in this case, I didn’t, because of abrading when the door is opened or closed, and also because of how the other side of the doors are viewed, when the doors are open.

I tossed in a photo of another section of the room, because I love the innovative ideas this young couple has. This has to be one of my favorite nurseries ever!

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