Flaw of the Day – Discolored Seams

Digital Image

Digital Image

Digital Image

Digital ImageAfter hanging two walls, I stopped, because I thought the seams looked bad. The client agreed. Click the photos to see a larger picture. Along the entire length of every seam, there is a darker discoloration. Look to the right of the thermostat, two seams above the door frame, and one above the corner of the A/C return.

This is disappointing, and frustrating, and, well, infuriating. The client did not get her home decorated, and I will have to return at another date to strip off and rehang the room.

This is obviously a manufacturing defect. However, I know the old song and dance – the homeowner, the designer, the wallpaper sales person, and I, the installer, will advise the manufacturer of this problem. Then the manufacturer will insist that it’s MY fault. They always do. Or they’ll claim that “No one else has ever reported a problem.” We will have to argue and negotiate and hope they will refund the client’s money. And you can bet that they will not pay ME for the extra day to rehang the room.

In this case, I urged the designer and homeowner to choose another wallpaper pattern. I am confident that this is a manufacturing defect, and that even if they were to obtain a different run (wallpaper rolls that are printed at the same time), the dark discoloration would still appear. So their best option is to select something entirely different.

Interestingly, I hung the kitchen in a swirly pattern from the same book, and it was just fine.

This is a textured wallpaper pattern on a non-woven backing, by Ronald Redding for York Wallcoverings, pattern #RC3501.

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