Wallpaper – It’s Time to Man-Up!

Digital Image

Digital Image

Digital ImageThis bathroom is used by the homeowner’s son. The flowery wallpaper was fine while he was a toddler, but now that he’s in grammar school, it was time for something more age-appropriate. This neutral colored, woven grasscloth pattern will work for him through his school years and into college.

And – surprise! – it’s not grasscloth at all, but a faux made from vinyl. I encourage people to look at these faux grasscloth options, especially in bathrooms. Real grasscloth comes with many problems; this vinyl stuff is virtually problem-free.

It looks as good as the real thing, but it will not stain or bleed if splashed with water, cannot be damaged by little boys’ “bad aim,” the seams are absolutely invisible, and there is no paneling or shading (difference in color or texture between strips).

This wallpaper is by Thibaut, from their Texture Resource collection, pattern #839-T-14135. I like the Thibaut line of fauxs better than most of the others I’ve seen.

This was bought through Dorota Hartwig at Southwestern paint on Bissonnet, for less than retail price. CALL AND MAKE AN APPOINTMENT before heading over. (713) 520-6262

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