Faux Beaded Board Looks Like the Real Thing

Digital Image

Digital ImageThe homeowners’ interior designer told them that beaded board would look great in their laundry room. The husband, who has done some astonishingly detailed wood working in other rooms of the house, contemplated paneling this room, but decided the angles and nooks and crannies would be too complicated. So they found a wallpaper that mimics beaded board, and asked me to put it up.

The paper was pre-pasted and was nice to work with. But the room was a bugger, with a lot of odd spaces, difficult-to-reach areas, and very limited space, including a refrigerator that had to be rolled in and out of its alcove, about 20 times.

This paper was labeled a “problem wall solver” and indicated that, because it was textured, it would hide flaws in the wall. But I knew it would NOT hide much of anything, especially with the smooth surface of the fake paneling. The walls were textured, and those bumps would definitely show under the new paper.

So I skim-floated the walls to smooth them, primed, and hung the paper. The 10-roll room took me 13 hours! It turned out great, and the clients loved it.

The only thing I didn’t like about the paper is that it was damaged easily. A fingernail or something in your pocket if you leaned against it would create a dent. And because it’s so thick and puffy, it can be gouged or torn easily, with people walking in and out the back door of the home.

The paper is made to be painted, and this might increase it’s strength and resistance to “dings.” On the other hand, painting it will make it more difficult to remove in the future.

Graham & Brown makes a nice product, and it’s quite affordable. They have many other patterns of textured, paintable papers. Here is the link to their site, with this particular pattern. The pattern is #15274

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