A Small Shift in Placement Makes a Big Difference

Digital Image

Digital Image

Digital Image

Digital ImageI hung this textured snakeskin wallpaper in an under-construction home two weeks ago. Somewhere along the line, it got scratched, so I went back to rehang the wall today. It was printed on the new “non-woven” backing, which is supposed to strip off the wall easily. I have to say, it did what it said it would. There was no damage to the wall, and all the sheets came off almost entirely intact.

When I rehung the pattern, I made a change to the placement … The first time, I had the belly of the snake centered between the two windows. It always bugged me, because, even though the back of the snake was evenly placed, it seemed like the back was “more important” and should have been running down the center of the wall, not the belly.

So I took advantage of the rehang to move the positioning of the pattern, and moved the back of the snake over 7″, putting it smack in the middle of the wall.

It’s hard to tell from the photos, and I doubt that any person living in or visiting the room would even notice, but it sure made ME feel better.

The wallpaper is by Rasch, a German company, and was bought on-line.


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