Geometric Kill Point – Killed It!

Digital ImageA “kill point” is the last corner in a room. The pattern virtually never matches. Today, the corner in the photo, it does not match, either. But it LOOKS like it does.

(The lighter paper on the right was hung first, and is dry. The darker paper on the left was hung some hours later, and is still wet.)

Normally, I cut the paper in the corner. If I had cut it in the corner, it would not have matched. But this time, I let it wrap a few inches around the corner, because it disguises the mis-match.

If you look closely, you will see that a vertical line is missing, through the center of the octagon in the middle of the photo. But you don’t notice that a part of the pattern is missing, because all of the horizontal and angled lines line up.

Because walls are never straight or plumb, and because wallpaper twists and walks as it moves around a room, I’m quite pleased with how this job finished up in the last corner.

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