Unexpected Thibaut Brand Disclaimer re Their Faux Grasscloth products:

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Digital Image

Digital Image

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“Textured wallcoverings have been reproduced (copied) from real material, either a tweed, burlap, silk, grass cloth, linen, etc. Many of these materials do not have uniform color in their original state. That is, the color will vary to some extent within the sample. If you use the original material as a wallcovering, you will notice color variation or shading from panel to panel (strip to strip). Naturally, when we copy the original, we pick up these normal color variations or shadings, and they will be more or less evident when installed as wallcovering, depending on the light in the room. Reversing every other strip helps to minimize this.
CAUTION: If this color variation or shading is not acceptable to you, we suggest a wallcovering design other than a texture.”

The fact that they print this and insert it into the roll of certain of their wallpapers tells me that they have had complaints about shading and paneling. (Do a “Search” on my blog of those terms.)

I am thrilled with their Texture Resource Vol. 4 book, and think their fauxes are a positive alternative to the real grass products. The Texture Resource Vol. 4 products I have hung so far have all been fabric-backed, and have been pretty free of shading or paneling. I’m thinking that this disclaimer is inserted with other materials – the one I am working with this week, that had the disclaimer in it, is a paper-backed vinyl, not fabric-backed.

Indeed, hanging the current week’s paper, there is a little shading from left to right. Not bad, but still – you’d think that when they are printing and coloring their own material, they could keep color differences to a minimum. Claiming that it’s OK because it’s copied from the natural stuff is a copout. I they manufacture it, they can control the quality, including color. The reason I direct people to the faux products is to avoid the flaws of the real/natural stuff!

Still, I like the faux better than the real stuff, because shading is minimal (see photos), and less chance of damage from water or cats’ claws.

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