More on the Azalea Trail Home Tour

Adding to my previous post … another home had wallpaper in the powder room. It was a woven grasscloth with a damask pattern printed on it. Because of the paneling / shading effect of grasscloth, and because we were not allowed to go into the powder room to get a close look, it was hard to tell if the pattern was all over the paper, or just in blocks here and there. Either way, it was an interesting look.

The same paper was also hung on the ceilings. I’ve posted before, I’m not a fan of wallpaper on the ceiling, especially a darkish color like this one. To me, it crunches the ceiling down and makes the space claustrophobic.

But in this case, the look worked better. With the murky, muddy grey-green on the walls and also the ceiling, it made for a very cozy room. And, the natural fibers would have a sound-absorbing quality, so, if, for instance, a party was going on and people were all over the place, and you were in the powder room doing what one does in there, it would be nice to know that sounds would be muffled. 😉

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