Metallic Wallpaper is Tricky

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Digital ImageThe homeowner and her daughter hung this 4″ gold-and-red striped wallpaper in a powder room. While they didn’t do a bad job, they weren’t happy with how it turned out. (See first three photos.) There were a lot of irregularities in the wall that telegraphed through the paper, some of the seams were curling, and some of the paper was coming loose. They hired me to rehang the paper.

I stripped the paper, then skim-floated and sanded the walls to smooth them, and followed up with a primer. The wallpaper was pre-pasted, but I augmented that with a thin layer of paste rolled on the wall and cut in at the edges, to ensure that the seams stayed down.

In the fourth photo, above a window, you can see how much nicer the paper looks with a smooth surface beneath it. Metallic papers are particularly prone to showing every thing that’s under them, so starting with a smooth surface is important.

I also caulked around the top of the sink, so that splashing water won’t be wicked up under the paper, which can cause it to curl.

This wallpaper is by designer Shand Kydd.

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