Multi-Colored, Finely-Textured Grasscloth in a Guest Bath

Digital Image

Digital Image

Digital Image

Digital Image

Digital ImageI definitely apologize for the dark photos – that’s what you get, I guess, when you pay $20 for an off-the-rack job at CVS. 😦

Anyway, this finely textured grasscloth by York Wallcoverings (#DV3840) went up beautifully, in a pretty complicated / chopped-up downstairs bathroom in a contemporary new home in the Heights. It took me nearly 11 hours to prime and hang the 10 single rolls of paper!

All the paper was the same run, but, to avoid shading / paneling (do a Search on my blog) as much as possible, I plotted the layout so all the paper on a given wall came off the same bolt of paper. This uses a little more paper, but it’s well worth it.

There was only one instance of paneling, where I had to use one short strip from a different bolt. But it was over a door near a corner, so not very noticeable. Most of the seams had virtually no shading or paneling, as you see in the photo with the towel bar.

I say the finished room looks like a jewel box, because of the jewel-tone colors and the slight sheen in the paper, and, as you can see – even in an embarrassingly dark photo – it goes magnificently with the black granite countertop and the multi-colored glass vessel sink.

The interior designer on this job was Pamela O’Brien, of Pamela Hope Designs . Her style is elegant, but down to earth and easy to live with, plus, she’s a doll to work with!


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