Lively Bathroom Update

Digital Image

Digital Image

Digital ImageMy “before” photos didn’t turn out, but this under-the-stairs powder room was originally papered in a muted all-over pattern. It wasn’t outdated and was in perfect condition. But it didn’t suit the new homeowner’s taste, so she had me change it to this squiggly, shiny wallpaper.

I stripped off the old wallpaper, scrubbed paste residue off the walls, fixed dings and filled in where the toilet paper holder had been removed, then primed, then hung the new paper. She totally loved it!

Note that the paste is still wet, and the paper and seams will be nice and flat once everything dries.

This wallpaper is by Brewster, #141-65502, and was installed in the powder room of a townhome in Montrose. I am going back next month to do two bathrooms, once the other renovations are completed.

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One Response to “Lively Bathroom Update”

  1. David Says:

    Cute pattern!

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