Old World Italian Look for this Master Bathroom

Digital ImageI only got one shot of this room, since the $#@&!! camera took a dive and the batteries fell out, and all pics were lost. Anyway, it turned out wonderfully, and the homeowner was so pleased she gave me a great big hug!

She wanted her bathroom to remind her of the places she had been to and seen while in Italy. This wallpaper pattern has a mushy, indistinct, damask type design on a mottly background with crackly lines running through it. In other words, it looks like the walls of an old Italian villa. It handled nicely, thin and hugs the wall tightly, and the seams are practically invisible.

After this shot was taken, I used some craft paint to color the white line along the top of the granite backsplash, then put clear caulk over that, to seal it, and to prevent splashed water from wicking up under the wallpaper (which could cause curling).

The design is by Designer Wallpapers, and was bought from Dorota Hartwig at Southwestern Paint near the Rice Village. The homeowner LOVED working with Dorota, and thanked me for putting them together. Dorota works by appointment (713) 520-6262, dortoasouthwestern@hotmail.com

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