Wild for Animal Prints

Digital Image

Digital Image

Digital ImageI hung this huge white tiger mural in between two windows in a dining room in the Galleria area of Houston today. This is the same home where I hung faux snake skin on the master bedroom headboard wall, and a zebra print in the downstairs spare room, a few months ago.

The substrate is a non-woven material with a thick vinyl surface. The vinyl is textured to look like short hair – so you get the effect of real animal hide. The manufacturer recommended the paste-the-wall technique, which usually goes a little faster, especially on plain walls like these (no intricate cuts).

Non-Woven papers usually do not absorb moisture from the paste nor expand, but this one did, by 1/4″ per strip. I spent a lot of time measuring and plotting my strategy to get the pattern centered on the wall, and the expansion of the paper threw it off by about 3/4″ inch. Not that anyone would notice but me. 🙂 But still, next time, non-woven or not, I will test before assuming what width the pasted strips will end up. If it had been a more structured design, that 3/4″ would have mattered.

This wallpaper pattern is by Roberto Cavalli
http://www.robertocavalli.com/rc_home/, and was made in Italy, but bought in Russia and carried back to the U.S. by the homeowners.

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