Tape to Cover Holes With No “Pouching”

Digital Image

Digital Image

Digital ImageOn my current job, I removed three electrical-type boxes, and was left with large holes in the wall. Most materials I know of that could cover the hole (like joint compound and paper tape) would pouch out, and leave a raised area on the wall.

A fellow NGPP member (National Guild of Professional Paperhangers), Steve Boggess, developed this paper tape with feathered edges to be used to bridge areas, or add stability in certain circumstances. I decided to give it a try in covering these holes.

I am pleased with how it turned out. Three strips of paper tape spanned the holes, dried quickly, and pulled flat and taught. It accepted a white primer, which means that the dark hole will not show through a thin or translucent wallpaper.

It’s not a really sturdy repair, because if someone knocks into it hard enough, it would probably give way. But the chances of that happening are pretty remote, and I am very pleased with the flatness of the finished patch. Tomorrow I will put wallpaper over these areas, and I’m sure that no one will ever know there was ever a hole in these spots.

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