Kill Point – Disguising the Mis-Match

Digital Image

Digital ImageAs you go around the room hanging wallpaper, the final corner virtually always is a pattern mis-match, so part of the “engineering” before you start is to find the least obvious place to put this “kill point.” Because of all the angles and turns in this large kitchen, there were a number of them on this job, and with a definite pattern like this trellis, they are usually very noticeable.

Re the first photo, the previous installer, who had hung a similar lattice pattern, put the kill point in an 18″ high corner on the back wall of the built-in desk. Yes, papers and stuff might obscure it, but I wanted to make it less noticeable. So I matched the pattern in that corner, continued hanging paper along the back wall behind the desk moving to the right and then going up, a narrow strip between the hanging cabinets and the door, to meet the paper I had already hung over the cabinets and door. You see all this in the first photo.

This enabled me to put the mis-match way above eye-level, and only about 3″ wide. I trimmed carefully along certain lines of the design, to make the mis-match as little noticeable as possible. Seriously, you’d have to hunt pretty hard to see this. 🙂

In the other photo, the design on the strip on the left “almost” matched up with the previously hung strip on the right, and the horizontal elements are all at the same level, which minimizes the mis-match. But there was enough of a break in the design to jar the eye.

So I cut a few elements of the design from some scraps of paper, and pasted them on top in a way that makes it look like the design continues unbroken. Just sweeping your eye around the room, you would never notice this. 🙂

This pretty trellis design is by York Wallcoverings, the Sure Strip line.


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