Patching In With Scraps Saves Paper

Digital Image

Digital Image

Digital ImageHere I am, papering a room and coming to a narrow space between a 9′ cabinet and a door casing. The space is only 4″ wide, but is threatening to use a whole 20.5″ wide strip of paper, 9′ long. This kitchen had six such spaces, from 11″ wide to 1″ wide, and each could have eaten up a full length strip. But I know a few tricks – let’s call them the Paper Stretcher.

You can’t do this with every pattern, but a trellis design like this lends itself perfectly to this trick. What I did was hang the paper over the doors and cabinets, and made sure that it came down far enough in these narrow spaces that I could cut out around the complete pattern (not cutting the trellis design in half horizontally).

Then I took a strip of wallpaper and trimmed it to mesh with the cut trellis design, and then trimmed it vertically to align with the door frame and cabinet. Then it was simply a matter of pasting the strip, and appliquéing it over the existing design. Note that this trick is much less obvious if you carefully trim along the outline of the trellis design; a straight horizontal cut would have left a noticeable ridge under the paper. (Some installers double cut (splice) in these applications, but I prefer to appliqué, because it’s stronger and does not score the wall surface.)

Once the paper is smoothed into place, the overlap is absolutely invisible. I was able to use one full-length, 20.5″ wide strip of paper to cover four narrow spaces like this in the room. The other two were covered with scraps I saved from cutting around doors, etc. In this way, I saved paper that the homeowner can hold onto in case she needs to do repairs down the road.

This pretty trellis pattern is from the Sure Strip line by York Wallcoverings.

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