Painters Didn’t Quite Do the Job Right

Digital Image

Digital Image

Digital ImageWhen I first looked at this three-bathroom job to measure and bid, the painters had skim-floated (smoothed) one of the bathrooms, and they had done a pretty good job. I was told they would prepare the other two rooms the same way. So I came to work today expecting to only prime the walls, then get to hanging paper. NOT!

In one of the bathrooms, it looks like they floated the walls, but forgot to go back and sand them smooth. They missed another entire wall in a different bathroom, too. In addition, some of their work in other areas wasn’t up to par. Wallpaper will not “hide” the ridges and rough spots you see in the photos. Instead, it accentuates them.

I spent about a half a day re-smoothing walls. So now I’m behind schedule, worrying about finishing on time, so this homeowner can get her house back in order, and so I can go on to my next client.

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2 Responses to “Painters Didn’t Quite Do the Job Right”

  1. davybaby Says:

    How does the homeowner not notice these flaws and have the original contractor fix them in advance of your arrival?

  2. thewallpaperlady Says:

    David, I have noticed that homeowners tend to trust their contractors. If the painter says he has left the walls “prepped for wallpaper,” they believe him.
    Also, most homeowners don’t have a clue as to what is “good work” or what something is supposed to look like. Often, they tend to see the overall finished product, not the little details. So it’s up to me to make sure the little details are as they should be.

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