Beautiful Vintage Wallpaper

Digital Image

Digital ImageThese two vintage wallpapers, plus a third, a multicolored small floral, were under the Sheetrock in the kitchen of a 1935 home in the Museum District that is being remodeled, where I’ll be hanging new paper in a few months.

In those days, before drywall, a type of cheesecloth was tacked over the shiplapped wooden walls, and the wallpaper was pasted and attached to that. That way, the outlines of the boards would not show. When they wanted to redecorate, they simply pasted new paper and put it right on top of the previous. That’s pretty much a no-no these days, and a pretty certain guarantee of bubbling, but it worked fine back then.

To me, it’s amazing how the colors stay vibrant and distinct, even in sunlight, over all these years. The designer was as delighted with these old papers as I am, and she let me snatch a few samples for my collection.

Interestingly, I have papered in the house next door, and in the house directly across the street – coincidences come in threes!

The interior designer is Jennifer Howard, and the remodeling contractor, whom I have worked with before and highly recommend, is Lesley at Greymark Construction.

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