Patterned Paper Behind Book Shelves

Digital ImageThis interior designer usually puts grasscloth on the backs of bookcases. This home has a more contemporary vibe, though, so they went with a textured, patterned, grey-on-silver design.

Let me tall ya – grasscloth is pretty much put-up-a-strip-and-done. This geometric pattern, though, took a lot more math and engineering, to get the circles centered in the bookcases, as well as in the narrow shelves on either side, and keep everything lined up. I must have spent 3-4 hours on these two sets of bookcases.

It’s interesting that, when I got to the two flanking narrow shelf areas, because I wanted to keep a circle centered in the cavities, instead of perfectly matching the pattern to what was in the larger niche, if I kept the diagonal elements lined up with those in the larger shelf, the circles dropped down a little.

I chose to keep the diagonal lines lined up, rather than keeping the circles all at the same level, because I felt the diagonals were a stronger visual element. Besides, the shelves will be filled with stuff anyway, and you won’t see much of the wallpaper or the dropped down circles. The white wooden shelves will be replaced with glass, BTW.

Yeah, that’s a little technical, but let’s just say that my goal was to give the most pleasing view-from-a-distance. The designer is Pamela O’Brien of Pamela Hope Designs. I love working with this gal, and I find her interiors to be sophisticated and chic, yet easy for the “average” family or couple to live with – nothing overly fussy, and rooms you can actually use, instead of showcases.

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