101 Uses for Shelf Liner

Digital Image

Digital ImageIn the first photo, the grey metal (magnesium) bar is a fancy straightedge used to hand-trim certain papers. If it slips, you don’t get a straight cut. These strips of shelf liner have plenty of grip, and grab tightly to both the straightedge and the wooden table.

In the second photo, the ceilings are so high that I cannot the top of the wall over the sink, so I am using a bucket to extend my reach. (Normally, I use a plastic step stool, but this vanity top was too small for it to fit.) Here I am using a larger piece of shelf liner under the bucket, to both protect the client’s countertop and keep the plastic bucket from sliding around on the slick granite.

One Response to “101 Uses for Shelf Liner”

  1. Kim Wilson Says:

    I love these tips but I don’t think I’d be standing on a bucket on top of a sink! You’ve got better balance than I do. I never would have thought of using shelf liner as a no-slip tool for these situations, but you’ve opened my eyes to even more uses. Thank you!

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