Faux Grasscloth Adds Texture, Lasts a Lifetime

Digital Image

Digital Image

Digital Image

Digital Image

Digital Image

Digital Image Here are two faux grasscloth wallpapers, working together in texture and color, in a bar area in a home in el Campo, about 90 miles southwest of Houston. Both patterns are by Thibaut, and I think both are from the Texture Resource book.

I love it when clients listen to my suggestions. Real grasscloth can have paneling and shading issues (do a Search on my blog, upper right corner of this page), plus they stain easily and can be damaged by kids or cats’ claws. This homeowner had three young children, so I steered her away from the real thing and toward this product, which is much more durable and resistant to water (and to little boys with poor aim! 🙂 )

You can see in the close-up shots that the heavy vinyl allows texture, plus the color is much more uniform and the seams match better than the real thing. There is seam behind the faucet in the first photo, but you can barely see it. With real grass, the seam and the difference between the right and left strip would be very obvious.


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