Another Contortionist Job

Digital Image

Digital Image The top of the cabinet is over 7′ up, and it goes back 3′, with only 18″ of head space. Imagine squeezing yourself (meaning me) into this space, on my belly, trying to keep a toe on the ladder for balance, to smooth, sand, wipe, and prime the walls, and to manipulate wallpaper into place. In addition, I swear, it was about 15* hotter up in that niche, than at floor level.

But I got ‘er done. It’s the second job this month that’s had me lying on my stomach, twisting and contorting, trying to move my arms while also supporting my weight, and also hoping the ladder would not skid out from under me.

This wallpaper is a classic lattice pattern, by Tyler Hall, and went in a laundry room in the Rice University part of Houston.

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