Bye-Bye Drab and Funky

Digital Image

Digital ImageDigital ImageNot too long ago, I blogged about “wallpaper the color of mud,” which I thought was really pretty. Today I’m working in a powder room which has walls painted the color of army-green mud. The color itself is beautiful, but in this small, windowless room, it just makes the whole space feel cramped and dingy. The rather heavy and uneven texture on the walls is not helping, either.

The first photo shows the original paint color and texture, and a little bit of my “skim coat” of “mud” (joint compound) that I’m using to smooth the wall. It’s troweled on, left to dry, then sanded smooth, vacuumed, wiped with a damp sponge to remove residual dust, and then primed.

In the second shot, you see the fully prepped wall, ready for wallpaper tomorrow. And in the last shot, one day later, the finished look! The homeowner kept asking, “Do you have an extra light on in here? (I did not.) It’s so much brighter!”

The lighter colored walls and simple pattern greatly brightened the room, and visually enlarged it.

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