8′ Ladder, 14′ Ceilings, 5 Boxes of Mud, and 50 Rolls of Paper

Digital Image

Digital ImageIt will take 50 single rolls of paper to cover the walls in this huge 3rd floor attic bedroom in a townhouse in Montrose. My first step is to smooth the heavish texture on the walls.

The contractor is graciously letting me use his 8′ ladder, and I can just barely reach the top of the 14′ high walls, one of which is sloped. (Don’t tell OSHA, but I had to stand on the very top of the ladder a few times!) This saved me from hauling in my 16′ extension ladder, which would be cumbersome to bring up the 51 narrow, switch-backing stairs to get to this room, plus the extension ladder is awkward with wallpaper because it leans against the wall you are trying to cover with wallpaper.

First step in getting the walls smooth – Today I spent 12 hours troweling on mud (joint compound). I went through FIVE boxes of the stuff. Each box weighs more than 50 pounds. And I lugged four of them up the 51 steps from the driveway up to the attic room. (A nice painter carried the fifth one for me 🙂 )

The blotchiness you see is the mud drying. Once it is dry, it will all be white. It will take more than a day to dry, so I will go back later in the week to sand the walls smooth, wipe off dust with a damp sponge, and prime. Then, once the painters and other workers are finished, I’ll hang the wallpaper, a pretty toile pattern.


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One Response to “8′ Ladder, 14′ Ceilings, 5 Boxes of Mud, and 50 Rolls of Paper”

  1. davybaby Says:

    Are self-employed workers exempt from OSHA regulations? Regardless, I hope the owners don’t change their minds about the pattern anytime soon after this job’s done! 🙂

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