Splice in the Middle of a Roll of Wallpaper

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Digital ImageOK, so when you’re a manufacturer and you’re printing off yards and yards of wallpaper, eventually you come to the end of a sheet of paper. That’s what happened here. So the company spliced in a new piece – right in the middle of a double roll bolt of paper.

But I’m MUCH happier when they add several extra yards of paper, to compensate for the messed up paper. If the splice occurs in the middle or toward the end of a strip of paper, you could end up losing a whole lot of paper – and sometimes that can mean you don’t have enough to finish the room.

This wallpaper pattern is by Thibaut Designs. Hmmm. Wonder what they thought when I posted a photo on their Facebook page. 😉


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One Response to “Splice in the Middle of a Roll of Wallpaper”

  1. thewallpaperlady Says:

    I e-mailed the guy at Thibaut who has been very responsive to us. He said that when this happens, they are supposed to include an extra yard of material. An extra YARD?! I need THREE yards to yield an 8′ or 9′ strip of wallpaper!
    This is another good reason why home owners should buy a little extra, to compensate for unusable paper, and to have on hand for repairs down the road.

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