“The Inherent Beauty of Grasscloth”

Digital Image

Digital ImagePhoto #1: This grasscloth on the headboard wall of a master bedroom went up with virtually no shading or paneling (difference in color or texture between strips).

Photo #2: However, look carefully at this strip, at the area under the window molding. See the horizontal strip that is much lighter in color than the rest of the paper?

The grass fibers are sewn on by hand by ladies in open-air factories in China and Japan. It looks like someone grabbed a light reed when she should have grabbed a dark one. The result is a very eye-catching light horizontal line running the width of this strip of wallpaper.

Luckily I noticed this before I had the paper on the wall. I reversed the strip and hung it upside down, to put the flaw toward the bottom of the wall, where it would be hidden by furniture and less visible.

But what’s important is that this is not considered a flaw or defect. It is what the manufacturers call part of the “charm and inherent beauty of the natural product.” In fact, the first paragraph in the instructions that come with most grasscloth products is a disclaimer blurb about how it’s a natural product and will have differences in color, texture, spacing, etc. And how they will not replace the paper or refund your money if you don’t like that look.

So, if you’re considering grasscloth for a room in your home, be sure you understand and can live with the variances in the product.

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