“Shrinking Paper” – Can You Spot the Mis-Match?

Digital Image

Digital ImageYesterday I had to stretch some paper; today I had to shrink some.

This 8″ high strip was going over a door, and if I used the full width, it would have extended beyond the top of the door and then, of course, down the side of the door and down to the floor. This would have caused me to use a full 8′ of paper, and have a seam (the fewer seams in a room, the better), and would have forced awkward placement of seams and strips all along the next wall.

I preferred to start with a new, solid strip to the left of the door. But that would extend over the door into the area where this strip (in the photo) is. The only way I could make that work is if the pictured strip was narrower. I had to remove about 4″, which can mess up the pattern.

But it was fairly easy on this short strip over the door, and with this busy pattern. In the first photo, you see the pattern as it is printed. I have cut the design apart from bottom to top, along the green stem and large leaf a little to the left of the center of the strip. Then I slid the right side under the left side, removing excess paper, and then overlapping the left side over the right side. You can see that an olive-colored, downward-facing leaf a little to the right of center in the top photo has moved to the center in the bottom photo.

It looked good, but the large leaf had been cut in half, and that looked obvious. So I took the leaf part that had been cut off, cut around it carefully, and appliquéd it back next to its other half. Voilà! In the second photo, you can barely tell that it is not the original design.

The wallpaper still extended beyond the right side of the door, so I did another similar surgery on a different motif. (No photo of that one.) Once I was done, everything matched perfectly with the full-length strip to the right of the door, there were no seams down that bit of wall, nor any awkward narrow, shifty strips to deal with on the next wall.

Mission accomplished!


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