Unusual Pattern Match

Digital ImageDigital ImageThis wallpaper pattern has an unusual match – it’s a multiple drop match.

Usually, there are two standard types of pattern matches … one is “straight,” which means that the same design element is at the top of every strip. But on a “drop match, the design will be at the top of the first strip, but then drop down a few inches on the next strip. By the third strip, it’s back up to the top.

But in “multiple drop matches,” you don’t have this kind of predictable rhythm, and the pattern match drops differently and somewhat irregularly … hard to explain.

But you had better catch this BEFORE you start cutting your strips, or you are going to ruin a whole lot of paper because none of the strips will match up with each other.

It’s hard to see in the photos, because the flowers look the same – but they’re not. If you look closely, you will see that one particular flower is never at the top of the wall more than once, even after four strips. This weird pattern match required that, instead of knowing what each strip would look like and being able to cut all my strips at once, instead, I had to lay out each strip and then lay out the one to go next to it, to find the pattern match. And I had to keep track of which strips were to be placed on the left and which were to be placed on the right. Oddly, the ones heading left matched with little waste. But when I started going to the right, much more paper had to be rolled off and discarded before the pattern would match correctly.

This perky paper is by Clarke & Clarke, and is called “Dahlia.”

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