Metal Mars Wallpaper

Digital ImageSee the black smudges and scratches on this wallpaper? They were caused by metal coming into contact with the paper. I’m not talking about rough-handling the paper – I’m talking about my straightedge, or my scissors, or even a razor blade, brushing across the surface of the wallpaper. It’s not uncommon for certain papers to be marred with a black mark when this happens. And it can happen down the road, too, if someone happens to brush against the paper with something metal – purse strap, zipper, or a piece of jewelry.

Luckily, usually, these marks can be removed by rubbing lightly with a damp rag. I have invested in a (expensive!) straightedge made of magnesium, and that metal will not leave marks on wallpaper. I also take extra care when working with material like this.

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