14′ High Walls, Vaulted Ceiling, 3 Dormer Windows

Digital Image

Digital Image

Digital Image

Digital ImageThis job, in the 3rd floor attic bedroom of a townhouse in the Montrose neighborhood of Houston, is definitely tricky, tedious, and bordering on dangerous – but I’m getting ‘er done! Photo #2 shows my View From Above. 🙂

Yesterday I papered the tallest walls, and today I tackled the vaulted ceiling (photo #1). This is a paste-the-wall product (instead of pasting the back of the wallpaper), and it means a lot of climbing up and down the ladder, but this process is a bit faster and has other advantages with this particular paper and room.

Because the ladder gets in the way, I can only work on an 18″ length of paper at a time. Then I have to climb down, readjust the ladder, climb back up and paste the next section of wall, and then smooth the next 18″ of paper against the wall. Repeat. Many times.

The paper is rolled backwards, to prevent the printed face from bopping against the pasted wall. I am using push pins to hold the strip in place, so it won’t peel away from the wall when I climb down to move the ladder. To keep it from unrolling, I used an alligator clip. He’s happy to help! 🙂

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